Responsible and inclusive tourism in Zanzibar

To enjoy the beauty of the places and support educational projects for the Jambiani community.

The #SKILLS4JOB inclusive vocational training program in Tanzania targets unemployed women and youth and aims to develop technical skills and social entrepreneurship. The management of StarfishGardenLodge is attended by those enrolled in the trainings, and the income from the activities, net of expenses, goes to support the implementation of the #SKILLS4JOB program.


StarfishGardenLodge is a tourist accommodation facility run as a transition social enterprise. The facility is part of the #SKILLS4JOB inclusive vocational training program in Tanzania, run in Jambiani by Volunteer organizations WHY ODV and SEND ODV.

The facility is located in the middle of the village, directly overlooking the Indian Ocean and surrounded by a tropical garden filled with all kinds of plants and flowers. It was built with full respect for the surrounding environment and the local culture. It blends discreetly into the local landscape and respects its shape, space, and size: the building features the imposing traditional makuti (wooden frame and woven coconut palm leaves) roof.

Where we are

StarfishGardenLodge is based in Jambiani, a fishing village located in the southeastern part of Unguja Island, the main island of the Zanzibar archipelago

Responsible, because while you enjoy the natural beauty of the island, you can make direct and unobtrusive contact with the local culture and community, getting to know and learn to respect their traditions and customs by visiting the villages with the guidance of a local facilitator.

Solidal because the trip fits into the context of the solidarity initiatives promoted by WHY ODV and SEND ODV: you will be invited to visit our educational and training projects, knowing that the proceeds from your stay at StarfishGardenLodge, net of expenses, go directly to support the inclusive vocational training program #SKILLS4JOB

What we offer

We offer our guests a responsible and inclusive tourism experience in Zanzibar.

Our services

If you are looking for a meaningful travel experience that is both relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating, we can offer you all of the above.


You can stay in our traditionally furnished rooms.


You can enjoy our breakfasts and dishes prepared with local products.


You will be taken on itineraries to discover the island and its inhabitants.

Our photos

Take a look at some pictures taken in and around our facility.

Plan an unforgettable experience in Zanzibar today!

We will be happy to welcome you to our facility and introduce you to the natural beauty and traditional aspects of local community life.